The need to consolidate data has grown significantially the last decade because new channels for marketing has developed, most companies are becoming more internationally oriented, and finally because the requirements for data quality has increased dramatically.

In CATPOINT all types of product information can be stored, organised, enriched, and finally published to a selected channel.

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Manage Product Data

Product information can take any form like text, prices, images, videos, product relations, product structures, used by relation, bill of material, cross-sells, up-sells, etc.

A company need to consolidate this information in a central system that can display language views of products in one screen, handle multiple taxonomies, multiple product object types, multiple references, and link digital assets to specific referencetypes.

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Generate Revenue from Data

Productdata has always been used in marketing situation for the purpose of getting a customer to buy a product. This means that are used in many contexts, but ususally there are only one receiver being the customer – or maybe more precisely – the potential customer.

The potential customer can be reached through a channel like a website, or a printed matter like a brochure.

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